Faculty of Agriculture


The aim of the Faculty of Agriculture is to train professional and skilled specialists in various fields of agriculture. The general purpose of establishing this school in the North East of Iran was to produce quality workforce at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels with the aim of advancing activities in the planning, production, processing, maintenance, and distribution of agricultural and food products for the growing population of the country. More

Academic staff of the Faculty of Agriculture

DepartmentsProfessorAssociate Prof.Assistant Prof.Total
Food Science Industry94114
Animal Sciences91515
Department of Water Science and Engineering64111
Plant protection3912
Biosystems Engineering33410
Agricultural Economics5319
Soil Sciences4217
Crop Biotechnology and Breeding4228

Research Centers & Centers of Excellence

Center of Excellence for Special Crops

Current Journal

Journal of Horticulture Science (Persian)

Journal of Water and Soil (Persian)

Agricultural Economics & Development (Persian)

Journal of Plant Protection (Persian)

Journal of Iranian Field Crop Research (Persian)

Iranian Food Science and Technology Research JournaI (Persian)

Iranian Journal of Animal Science Research (Persian)

Agroecology (Persian)

Journal of Agricultural Machinery (Persian)

Journal of Water and Sustainable Development (Persian)

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Contact Information

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Faculty of Agriculture

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